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Meet The Designer


Jerry ShuI believe in putting a face to a name because first-impressions are often lasting ones. More importantly, trust, a good repoire, and compatible interests are often tied to those first-impressions. Personality often drives profession, so here is a little bit more about me.

I am a family man, a loving husband and proud father, without question.

I am a fisherman and golfer wherever there is water and spans of green grass.

I am a DIY carpenter and auto-mechanic...power tools are awesome.

I am a avid gym-enthusiast and volleyball player, for health and exercise.

Tying it all together, I am a graphic designer and programmer by occupation. My career began in the natural sciences, transitioned over to graphic design, expanded into programming and computer hardware, and grown with business training. Now, I am taking my career to the next level. Read on for a more detailed look..

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